Friday, February 21, 2014

The front porch is cluttered with packages today!

So FRP games was having a sale on a few things so I picked up my first Malifaux, Kabuki and Scibor minis.  I've been eyeing them for years and never have taken the plunge.  They are all pretty looking.  I just bought them to have, to maybe throw in with other projects.

I picked up the other Cyclades expansion, so I should have everything for the game pretty much now, including the promo stuff.

I also grabbed the Windigo stuff that I've been wanting from Crocodile (Wargods of Aegyptus/Hyperboria). I grabbed the starter group along with the giant awesome abominable snowman o' doom.  He is heavy as hell!

Anyway I was pretty happy that this stuff got here in one piece given the state of the box it arrived in.

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Paul oftheManCave said...

Recieving a gaming goodies package is so much fun!