Monday, February 3, 2014

The first D&D dungeon I ever encountered ...

I do not think this was a very remarkable experience for me, I do not remember it much.  I think it was all very exciting of course and that is what is memorable.

As I've discussed in the previous two posts, the first D&D game I played in was in 1985.  The first dungeon in that game, I have mostly forgotten.  I recall my silly escapade with cooking and consuming troll meat.  Yes there must have been a troll then ... right.  Well I do recall goblins.  A gelatinous cube.  A mimic.  Seeing a pattern here?

Yes it was zany ... Gygax-esq ... nonsensical dungeon ecology 101.

But it was fun.  It was entertaining.  It was exactly what one would expect from a game being run by a 6th grader for a bunch of 4th graders.  Right out of an episode of Adventure Time ....

Ahhh those were the days ... we didn't care if things were silly, campy, zany.  We just were in it for pure unadulterated fun.  Why can't everything be that simple anymore?

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