Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day ... consume mass quantities ... nom nom nom!!

Happy Turkey Day ... consume mass quantities ... nom nom nom!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hell Dorado Mini Skirmish game being released in the US

Ok ...

Some folks out there might be familiar with this game/minis range out of France called
Hell Dorado.  Awesome and interesting minis throughout the range!!  Perhaps just as interesting is the concept for the game itself:

LOL ... I did a babel fish on the intro text block and here it is ... I like the translation as always odd sounding language but the back story for this game is rather novel/interesting and really dark (in a super cool way) ...

"1634… The voluptuous languages of the flames of the war lick the heart of the men… One commits suicide for the faith, the richness, the power, glory… Under mud and the debris, a door towards the hells s' is open. And they s' there engulf, by tens. Missionaries, conquistadores, colonists, roughneck soldiers, large captains… In bottom, c' is a New World which awaits them. A world d' hope, a world to be plundered, a world to be built. A world populated of demons which n' do not intend to yield an inch of their territory. A world invaded by d' other human, come d' The East to find l' result of their mystical search. A world where are terrent unnamable creatures, lost for any humanity. This world, c' is that of Hell Dorado, and c' is now your new horizon!" 

Anyway it looks like Cipher Studios picked up the line as the US distributor also the Warstore is going to be stocking the game so I'm sure its only a matter of time before people get ahold of these pretty minis and start actually playing the game.  No idea what the game plays like ... but again it looks interesting.