Thursday, March 8, 2012

Actual pod-casting with the old gaming crew ... woot ... G.U.B.A.R!!

A few weeks back I took a little trip to Vegas to hang with the old gaming crew and I had a blast.  I was able to do some pod-casting with old very good friends ... really my best friends actually ... Scott and Will on GUBAR!!  Was really fun!!  I'm looking forward to being able to do it again soon!!

You can either hit those links to listen in, they actually have a very decent conversational, humorous podcast going.  Thus far it is pretty RPG centric but Scott, Anthony and Will are all "pan-gamers" (they don't LARP Peter Pan ... though that would be hilarious to see ... they have varied interests from minis to D&D to board games and video games ... though mostly they talk RPG). 

If you guys have a chance check it!!

School has me burred pretty deeply these days so if I'm kinda quiet here I am alive, I do love gaming still and I shall blog like my old excessive self soon enough (end of April) as soon as school stops kickin me in the nads so bad.

Cheers for now!