Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fun oldhammer/pulp army - Kallistra PYGMIES!!

Today I got a cool package from the UK, my Kallistra Pygmies arrived!

Somehow 2014 has become the year of jungle gaming for me for whatever reason.  I have decided to revisit my old school rogue trader era Catachan army, I'm working on a lizardmen army and sort of as part of that project I decided to pick up a reasonably sized pygmy army.

That roughly 140 pygmies, roughly a unit with blow guns, a unit with hand weapons and shields and a couple units with spears and shields.   I have a couple of palm tree catapults and about 16 boar riding pygmies.

To give an idea of size here is a GW fig.  Honestly these guys could work as large sized 15mm figs (maybe ogre sized or some giant sized jungle warriors).

I am aware these figs are a little non-PC, but they are a fantasy range and did not acquire them in that spirit nor do I really see them like that.  I honestly really love them, they have so much character!  I can hardly wait to get them based and painted.

I'm a little on the fence about how to base them.  I think I'm going to avoid basing them on square bases and instead base them on pennies.  I'll then make square movement trays for them if I want to field them in blocks.

They'll probably see more play in Song of Blades and Heroes, etc. than in WHFB games, granted I don't see myself fielding 150 of these guys in any SBH games ... EVER ... but I wanted to have the option of using them in WFHB, Kings of War, Armies of Arcana, etc.


Alexander Man said...

Can't wait to see some painted pygmies... 150 Pygmies would be some impressive SBH encoumter :)

The Lord of Excess said...

Indeed ... the pygmy apocalypse!

I really do want to figure out something I can use them all with as soon as I'm done with them so maybe I'll make that the finale to our SBH campaign or something :)