Friday, February 14, 2014

D&D Anniversary blog hop challenge!

So I will give it a try for post 14.

I really have no story regarding my significant other and D&D.  My wife is a wonderful lady.  But she is essentially an anti-gamer.  She indulges me with my gaming, allowing me to take the time I want to for it, allowing me to often spend far too much on it, etc. etc.

But she has never really had even the most passing of interests in any gaming other than an occasional board game.  I tried early in our relationship to get her into video games, or RPGs and even once into mini games.  But she never had any desire to get into any of it.  She did play World of Warcraft with me for awhile ... (yes I played ... ashamed to admit it but I did ... and far far too much) so there was that.

Anyway here is my bestiary concept, actually used in my Dungeon World Game --

The Corpse Altar --
Corpse AltarSolitary, Huge, Magical, Organized, Construct, Terrifying, Amorphous
The scrape of 1000 claws (2d6+5 damage)/damage of appropriately raised creature(s)50+ HP1 armor
Reach, Ignores Armor, Near, Far
Special Qualities: Unholy transformation, we are legion, the call of the grave, construct of the darkest arts, A corpse altar can be grotesquely beautiful or unimaginably horrible. It just depends on the nature of its creator. That said they are all completely malevolent and single minded in their desire to gorge on the living.
Corps altars can take on the form of an orgy of beautiful dead maidens. They can be a macabre collection of cavalry officers arrayed in battle formation. They might be a mountain of dead, with heads, hands, arms, legs and intestines bound up into a bloated stinking mass the size of a small city. They might be anything that the vile mind who created them chose to construct. Corpse altars might be obvious or deceptively concealed. They might inhabit the upper portion of a crypt or the lower portions. They might really be anywhere. Generally though they do need some source of moisture to keep their corpses hydrated. A corpse altar in the desert is a rare thing indeed. Instinct: The corpse altar always hungers
  • The alter pulses with dark energy
  • Corpse altars are the work of powerful necromancers. They often serve as guardians of places of power (or phylacteries). Thus they are often imbued with the power to raise their dead and/or any creatures who die in the vicinity should the need arise.
  • The corpse altar can form its copious mountains of flesh into whatever it needs to slay the intruders (and/or add to its stores of flesh).

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