Friday, August 26, 2011



Mantic looks like they are just about ready to roll out WARPATH!! With some old school style army deals, etc.  I'm excited!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Selling tons of 40K stuff on ebay ...

I haven't been playing ANY 40K for nearly 2 years now so I've decided to let go of some of my stuff ... it only makes sense.   

Sad to see it all go but honestly just converting it all to something I'm going to actually use is alot more valuable and meaningful in the long run.  Its a massive amount of stuff that I paid thousands for and will likely only get hundreds back on ... but such is life. If your interested click the links thanks for looking.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Awesome Terrain from Ziterdes (in Germany)

For years I've looked at the stuff these guys make and drooled ... sadly those years have been the years that I haven't had a six figure salary ...

I'd love to try to pick some up though at some point ... (the video below is in German but it gives a good look at the buildings I've been drooling over lately).

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fantasy Flight is getting BIG!

Fantasy Flight is really going to town these days ...

They are now moving into publishing with three novels related to their games.  Tracy Hickman is penning stuff for them.  They picked up the Star Wars license.  They continue to pump out the GW titles and all their own in house stuff (tons and tons of new titles).  They seem to be everywhere doing everything.  I'm still so surprised that they have the GW license they now seem so directly in competition with GW.  I guess if they are both making money what the hell eh?  But they seem poised to really become the dominant force in tabletop gaming (I think one could make a strong argument that they already are).

Friday, August 5, 2011

Warmachine RPG in 2012

This is older news I'm surprised it wasn't more widely distributed around the intertubez ...

Lock & Load Announcement: Iron Kingdoms RPG
Posted on June 19, 2011 by PPS_Aeryn

One of the reasons we at Privateer Press are so jazzed to have our own convention is that it’s a great place to make those huge, earthshaking announcements about upcoming products. So, without further ado, here’s a big one, info gleaned from the Iron Kingdoms RPG announcement.

    * Release Date: Gen Con 2012
    * System: Proprietary. This system shares some common mechanical elements with a couple games you already know and love: WARMACHINE and HORDES.
    * Classes: You will have the ability to play warcasters or warlocks in the RPG. With a flexible system for how you start off your campaign, you can also play such a character from session one, not just after months of adventuring.

The Integratron?? Awesome RPG one shot setting

Really odd.  Clearly mostly bunk (all the alien shit) but the acoustical properties of the building and the location are interesting. George Lynch is cool and hilarious as well.

Check out the website.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Captains ...

Ok first I don't really consider myself a trekkie but I have to say since they've put all the Trek stuff up on Netflix streaming I've been revisiting the Trek stuff which I really haven't seen for years.  I've watched all of Enterprise (which I'd never seen before at all), a good portion of the original show and I'm about half way through the Next Generation stuff.  Campy, corny, and to be honestly mostly delightfully entertaining in a warm and geeky way.  I've been drawn back to Trek this summer a bit (thanks to Netflix and the JJ Abrams film). Anyway in the continuation of this recent bender ... I watched William Shatner's Documentary this evening The Captains.

"You recognize that William Shatner may be a fool, but he's our fool."     UGO review of the film.

I can't agree more with that quote.  Come on we all know ole Bill Shatner over the top and all the way ... but god damnit ... it just works doesn't it?  Sure the film is largely about Shatner but what else would we expect?  The film really delves into what many of the actors went through to play the part and what its meant for them professionally and personally.  Beyond that if your curious check it out ... its free at the Epix website ( You just have to sign up for a free trial account.  Epix itself seems lackluster but its one of the only places you can see The Captains on the internet for free (in a non-shady way anyway).

Anyway if you have any positive views on any of the Trek series ... watch it ... you'll enjoy it.  If you hate Trek with a passion and hate William Shatner (how could anyone?) skip it.  I very much enjoyed the film for what it was ... thanks again Bill :)

New addition to geek dictionary -- Roll Player

Roll Player -- A participant in a role playing game who is a self proclaimed master role player (not to be confused with roll player) when in fact they are actually a power gamer. These players frequently use their "character backstory" to justify anything no matter how stupid or game breaking it might be. Though they frequently hide behind the guise of backstory they are almost always unwilling to work at making the game fun for everyone. Sadly they are just min-maxing power gamers trying to hide their devious ways. 
(It was here first ... hehe).

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fantasy Flight Picks Up Star Wars

FFG snags the Star Wars license ...
gasp .. surprise .. no? 

Ya ya tons of people predicted this one it seems like FFG is the go to shop anymore for stuff like this.  I can't say I'm at all disappointed as they in my opinion generally make fine games.

Is more always better?  Well that is in the eye of the beholder I guess.  I know in addition to being anxious for a new Star Wars RPG I'm excited about more Star Wars board games, non-collectible card games, MINI games (they mention it) etc. etc.