Monday, February 24, 2014

Say it ain't so ... Egon Spengler is gone.

Really very sad to hear that Harold Ramis passed away yesterday.  Sad news.

Rest in Peace Egon ... rest in peace ... if you don't you might end up in the containment unit.

May it be said you only crossed the streams when you had to!

Man I'm really busted up about this. I dearly loved Ramis, he was a true icon. More as a writer than an actor but those films were really a big part of my childhood. Probably as much as the Raiders or Star Wars films to be honest.


Unrelated, but sort of cool as Harold is interviewed here ... 

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Thantsants said...

Now that is sad news - just watched Ghostbusters with my kids the other day and was thinking it would be great to track down some of the Ghostbusters RPG books and play a game or two.

Egon was definitely my fave character and like you say these films were up there with Stars et al.