Sunday, February 2, 2014

40th anniversary of D&D Blog Hop Challenge .. Post 2

The first person I introduced to D&D was actually a friend to the first D&D campaign I'd ever participated in.  His name was Matt and I asked our DM if he could participate after one of the older kids dropped out due to being gone all summer.  It isn't a terribly interesting story about Matt really.  I believe he rolled up a human fighter, and I can't recall his name.  We weren't very inspired with that sort of thing then so probably something similar to my character's name of "Bill" (yes named after the pony from the Lord of the Rings if you must know). 

It was the "sandlot" era of my life.  We were just a group of kids, idling away lazy summer days and evenings with endless games of D&D.  It was 1985, we had no cable TV where I lived (rural eastern Oregon) we had no internet, hell none of us even really had very good access to video games.

So we played outside all day and when we felt like it we piled into Jeff's rec-room and had epic good times.  We had sessions that lasted for days.  We'd all stay over at Jeff's, his mom would make us pancakes and we'd subsist on PBJ the rest of the time.  Until someone's parents would feel guilty that their child had been over there for 3 days straight and they'd break the game up.  We were persistent though, we'd be back at it a few days later.  

Matt managed to hang in there all summer and saved the party more than once.  But once school started up in the fall he had to drop out and our game was a four person game until Xmas break.  

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