Saturday, February 22, 2014

2014 Big Gaming project Update: Lizardmen army acquisition phase almost complete!

So I got a package in the mail from my friend in Las Vegas, Will  who I am trading off some sedition wars stuff and some other random WHFB stuff that I don't have a use for but he does.  We basically are just swapping stuff we aren't going to use anytime soon with each other ... lol.  Anyway this pretty much puts the finishing touch on my Lizardmen force.  The only models I really do not have are Kroxigors and I am on the fence about what to do.  I just can't find the GW models, old or new at what I feel is a reasonable price.  I'd like to have about a dozen just because.  Given that, at the best price I could get GW versions for that would be over $100.00 even with a great deal on eBay or something.  So more and more I'm leaning towards going with another range.

Anyway I am really excited about this model I got from Will.  He did some cool conversion work on it.   Hard to make out from my cruddy phone pictures but there is a cool little crown on him. Actually this whole lot is cool because he did all the assembly work, etc. so it is really pretty much ready to be painted (Lord Kroak not withstanding).   Not a single piece of failcast in the lot :)

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Will said...

I'm glad everything appears to have arrived more or less intact. That crown on the Slaan was a magic item in one of the older codexes. I hope you get more use out of these than I did. I am still hopeful that someday I can be in area where there is a large fantasy following and I can create an army to be proud of (I've always had a thing for elves :) )