Monday, February 10, 2014

D&D nostalgia .. continued

It was 1985.  I was but a wee lad.  I had utterly succumbed to the obsession of TSR's wondrous pen and paper masterpiece ... Red Box D&D.
The first store I purchased products to further my addiction was from a book store actually.  Called Waldenbooks.  Sadly the entire chain went out of business in 2011 I believe (I think Borders bought them out some years prior to that ... I don't recall for sure though).  Anyway my purchases were limited more by the stores supply than my bankroll.  At the time I was an independently wealthy paper route tycoon.  I had two seperate paper routs, a lucrative lawn mowing busiess AND I helped my neighbors "buck" bails of hay (i.e., toss hay bails up on trailers and then stack them in the barn).  So for a 10 year old kid I was loaded.  Money to burn and an addiction to feed!  

I wasn't the GM though so my needs weren't very great honestly.  I mostly bought the classic brown "complete" series books. I bought issues of Dragon and dice when they were available.  Never really got to buy minis as the store never carried them .. sadly. 

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