Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Long Hiatus ... GO UTES!! Back to School!

Well ... my blog has fallen on hard times this past month or so ... the back to school tsunami has overtaken me. After a long time away from the rigors of college ... I have returned!

I'm in a state of limbo sort of ... I'm presently an undergrad but will likely be a graduate student by the spring (ah the complexity of pursing a graduate and undergraduate degree simultaneously).  At any rate ... classes ... books ... scantily  clad nubile coeds ... wonderful and bewildering all at the same time.

I actually am going to be going to Strategicon here in a week or so and hope to be back into a more normal schedule as far as gaming and life in general. As far as gaming and campus stuff ... apparently there is a board game club on campus but nothing regarding miniatures and/or RPGs. Sooooo ... I'm hoping to perhaps form a miniature gaming oriented club and/or a RPG club.  Overall I'm really enjoying U of U ... its not Harvard nor UCLA ... but all in all it is quite a step up from my other Alma Matter UNLV (BA 99, MPA 00). With U of U going PAC-10 next year I am actually planning to pay attention to college sports (in 2011 that is) for the first time in well over a decade.  Exciting stuff for me ... and my plan is to not forsake gaming entirely but to continue enjoying my gaming hobbies.  Maybe I'll even get some nubile college girls to partake in gaming ... erm ... well I can dream can't I!!