Tuesday, February 4, 2014

D&D 40th Anniversary post-a-thon

What was the first vanquished dragon in a D&D game I was playing in ... 

An adult red dragon.  In the air no less.

We being the foolhardy party we were, were all in flight via various inept means.  To be honest I have no idea why we were even in flight.  This was a 2nd edition D&D game so of course the thing had amazing speed and maneuverability.  For all intents and purposes, it was an F-16, vs. people with large weather balloons on their backs.  Well not literally balloons but we were flying via lower level means, potions, wands and basically just levitating up about a mile or so away from the mountain out in mid air (why we opted to do this I can't recall).  Why were we doing this at all?  In an attempt to gain entrance to a neigh on inaccessible cave, that was supposed to contain ... red dragon eggs.  Hmmmm.  Yes in retrospect probably not the best of pursuits. 

We managed to pull out a victory, only after a party members plummeted to their death, one was crunched in the jaws of the beast and another almost died.  How did we win?  Well some lose DM adjudication of how potions of speed would work on an elf ranger, giving him outrageous numbers of attacks. That and a few well timed spells by the wizard.

That was the first time I ever encountered a dragon.  Memorable, and deadly.  I actually survived the fall thanks to a well timed feather fall spell (from a wand no less) ... a spell that was in my opinion one of the ultimate get out of jail free spells. Back in the day it saved my bacon more than once ...

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