Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Battle of the blood bowl clones!!

So all of a sudden we have this glut of blood bowl clones on Kickstarter!  What is up with that! I'm calling unnecessary roughness on this one!  Someone could lose their pants!!


I didn't back the original Dreadball and I do wish I had.  But I am currently backing Dreadball Xtreme at the crazy frenzy level (that might change though the project has awhile to go yet and if the math doesn't work out on it I'll drop down to the uproar level probably).  I don't know I'm somewhat excited about the project.  BUT ... there happens to be two other alternatives up right now which are both a little tempting.

So we have Slaughterball.  I'm backing it too.  Again I'm going to wait and see what the end payoff is ... right now it looks like they are going to struggle to get very deep into their stretch goals.  I think they should fund they have 19 days left and they are half way to their $40,000.00 goal.

Finally ...

 So the one that I am not backing, mainly just due to not getting as much for the cost, Guildball does look interesting and they have funded. 

Dreadball Xtreme is the clear frontrunner, they seemed to just automatically fund to several hundred thousand and could easily crack the 1 million dollar mark knowing how popular mantics offerings tend to be. I think Slaughterball and Guildball are going to struggle by comparison, which is sad because I'd love to see more games like these. 

I hope they do succeed because I think a good, very clean, fast playing Blood-Bowl-esq game could be really awesome. If the design has enough fun and doesn't boil down to too much random or just a total chess game. So we'll see ... right now I'm backing 2 of 3 and I'll likely drop one if not potentially both ... just depending on how the projects develop. 


Michael Peterson said...

I really needed that photo while eating breakfast. :)

I'm curious why no one has thought to cross blood bowl with roller derby. Seems like a natural combination to me.

The Lord of Excess said...

I agree. We've had so many variations on the blood bowl style game the past few years but they've all stuck to pretty much the same pattern. What variation there has been has been more thematic. Dreadball is sci-fi vs. the original fantasy concept. I assume it all comes down to the continued popularity of blood bowl itself and the sales of "counts as" minis for use with GW stuff.

I really like the idea of a roller derby style game. A game that is part race, part smash up the opponents would be interesting. Same potential for cool/hilarious teams, etc. etc. Other than boardgames like Roborally and what circus maximus there really haven't been many games like that.