Wednesday, February 26, 2014

D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge Post 26 -- What happened to my original D&D group

Sadly I've gone it my own way.  My first group I played with were a bunch of great guys.  I was twelve the last time I played D&D with that group.  When I was a kid we move around a lot as my dad worked for the Union Pacific Railroad and as he moved up in the company it seemed we had to go somewhere else. Anyway about every three years we moved.  So I lost contact with those guys pretty much.  I saw them in high school and had some quick emails to them here and there in early college.  But its been well over ten years since I've heard from any of them.  Last time I heard they were all off to the four corners of the Pacific Northwest, here and there doing different things. Again though that was well over a decade ago, I'm sure their all married with kids and whatnot now, working for the man, mortgages, car payments and life ... set in upon them. 

The funny thing is I think that experience caused me to do what I've done ever since I was done with my first round of graduate school.  That is to create a home gaming group that is more or less some recreation of that first group.  I don't mean literally, I'm not out searching for people who look like my childhood pals all grown up.  No I just mean that having that weekly group, no matter where I live, has sort of been a thing for me since my mid-20s.

I've never really thought about it but it is sort of me chasing nostalgia I guess.  I have good times for sure and I'm glad I do it ... but I can't help but feel like a loner sometimes chasing things that I might never find again.

But I sully on, and have no regrets.  I have a great group right now and we are making our own gaming fun and charging off in new directions.  So maybe this time around I'll create a new archetype for a gaming group for myself ... only time will tell I guess ...

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