Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update on the Orks!

Ok here is a quick update ... I'll throw some more pictures up as I get them.  Essentially this project consists of several orphan ork remnants from various ebay purchases, con grab bags, gamer flea market type deals over the years. Some were partially painted, some were in need of repair and de-glue gooping, etc. combine that mix with 4 AOBR boxes worth of orks and that is basically my army. The plan is to do this army on the super cheap, make use of models that have been gathering dust on my shelf for years and give me a fun little table top standard army to go have fun with. having Relocated to a new area recently I wanted to get myself a bit motivated with a new army to coincide with finding an entirely new miniature gaming group.

My plan is to start out with as much foot troop for the army as possible ... 6 maxed out boyz squads ... 3 slugga choppa and 3 shootas. I'm doing up Ghazghkull Thraka, and three of the AOBR warbosses ... I'm going with 2 ten strong nob squads to start ... doing up a 4 nob bike squad and a warboss on a bike.  I have many other projects that I probably should get to in terms of painting minis ... but if I get out there and start playing the orks and have fun ... I have many further units I can add ... just waiting in the can so to speak. I have a huge amount of tankbusta boy bitz ... 40 old metal nobs which would partially be used as nobs and partially as Flashgitz probably. I have 15 of the new AOBR deathkoptas, and many many toys/boxes of busted GW vehichles/etc. that can be converted into battlewagons, trucks, etc. etc. I also plan to do at least 2 stompas, an orky baneblade converstion and I really do aspire to a scratch built Gargant. I really don't see myself getting all that done right away ... but ... I'm hoping by this time next year I've crossed alot of those extra items off the list as being complete.

Anyway the boyz are verging on half way done. I have the skin tone down for now ... most of their metal bitz are painted up. Now I'm on to the leather bitz, pants (which I think I'm going to do up in a different color for each different squad), and bases ... which will end up lighter brown .. desert-ish color. I want to do a desert display board/terrain centerpiece for them. Sort of a la the old GW Nottingham orky terrain. 

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