Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SPACE WOLVES ... cool huh ... what? UMMM? Am I the only one thinking this?

I'm excited about the new codex and I have always really liked the wolves and their backstory. I have to say though I am slightly disappointed from a fluff perspective about one aspect of the new codex and that is the heavy inclusion of actual animal wolves as part of the army one can field in the game of 40K. In the grim dark future of 40K I'm sorry I realize this is all make believe fantasy and there are plenty of other goofy models, etc. concepts in the 40K range ... but ... come on people. These are SPACE MARINES I don't care how bad ass the wolves are they wouldn't be riding around with friggin wolves. One or two pet/company mascots with a commander ... ok cool I can buy that a special character with some crazy cyber wolf ... erm .. stretching it ... but ok. Packs of friggin dogs on the battlefield? HUH?? I'm honestly very non-plused about that. I know that people will vehemently argue against me but I just don't like it. I think its lame and a ploy. I mean 13th company was pushing it for me ... but per the fluff it was a group of marines who were basically lost in the eye of terror. The horrible power of chaos to mutate things ... well I could buy that per all of the fluff. This new concept of the space wolves carting doggie crates around the galaxy is just lame. I think this one thing will keep me from playing wolves anytime soon ... this is a "jump the shark" moment for me regarding the wolves. I still love 40K ... I love the real backstory of the wolves ... and I'm going to vote against this new development with my wallet. Sorry GW none of my money on space wolves, maybe next codex :)

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