Thursday, October 8, 2009


Alright to give a bit more detail about the project ...

I'm going to be trying to finish a table top standard Ork army consisting of :

-- Ghazghkull Thraka -- pretty much straight out of the box ... probably some slight conversions but he will be  run as himself so the model will remain pretty standard.

-- Warboss on a bike with powerclaw

-- 2, 10 strong Nob squads in trucks (Scratch built trucks using old Ork Trucks, Rhinos and plasticard)
-- 1 Nob squad on bikes (3 Nobs and a Painboy)

-- 6 squads of boyz (3 Shoota, 3 Choppa Slugga squads with Nobs with Powerclaws and Big Shootas)

The goal is to have this all complete by the end of November. The boyz will be done by the end of this month. A few battlewagons will be added along with a few looted wagons. All of the vehicles will be painted red to allow me to do up a speed freaks list later. Each squad of boyz will have different color pants, trying to catch the colors for Blood Axes, Bad Moons, Death Skulls, Goffs and probably two squads with different brownish shades that could be the core of a Snake Bite list. I'll try to get some better shots as things get painted up with a basic step by step of how I'm painting the boyz (not that there aren't a million "how to paint ork" guides out there by better painters ... but hey). Wish me luck :)  WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHH!!!

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