Thursday, October 1, 2009

By any other name a plastic army man is still a plastic army man ...

Ok so I realized I have been remiss in explaining the 40K pictures ... I have undertaken a paint challenge ... paint duel ... whatever you'd like to call it with a friend from Las Vegas. He has vowed to paint 500 points of Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 miniatures during the month of October ... I have vowed to paint 1000 points.

Why am I doing this you ask? Painting little plastic and pewter figures ... is it ... well? YES IT IS! It is very awesome and every bit as enjoyable as all the other gaming interests I have. Playing Halo getting T-Bagged by a 13 year old Korean kid ... yup painting minis ... just as fun.  Getting hacked in half by an angry ogre in 4E .. mmmhumm ... yup its as fun as that. Getting all my cities cut off from one an other in a game of Settlers of Catan only to be the lord of wool ... and nothing else ... ya ... believe it or not its that fun.

In all seriousness what brought me to the games workshop mini games was the really creative outlet that modeling and painting provides ... coupled with some really well designed games that huge numbers of people play. You can play in tournaments if you like, etc. its an all encompassing hobby.

I will chronicle my crazed paint challenge and I will also do an ongoing post about my re-entry into the world of Games Workshop in a new town. I've found the place to go locally and that is Endzone games in Clearfield, Utah which is fortunately just a few miles from my house. They have a pretty big GW community in their store and are moving huge amounts of GW product. Its a great game store on par with the places like Game Empire in San Diego and Pegasus Hobbies in Ontario, CA. 

Beyond this I'm going to try to do a quick and dirty guide to getting into GW games. So stay tuned all .23 readers there is oh so very much more to come on this topic!

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