Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fearing and loathing your favorite games ... WHY ... WHY!!

Is it just me or are there endless numbers of people out there who are majorly into self punishment via the games they choose to play? For example look at any of the bigger Games Workshop fan sites and blogs ... look at any post that has something to do with the dreaded "codex creep" or anything about a new codex, etc. Look at the comments. You'll see raging anger at the game people endlessly upset about this or that. Why do people choose to play a game that causes so much rage. I'm not talking about the times when you get your butt handed to you by someone and get temporarily mad at yourself. We all do that no matter how laid back one is or how easy going about winning or losing ... on occasion we all get a little upset at the games we love. I'm talking about the seeming legions of players who have nothing good to say about GW ... spewing vitriolic hate (like if you get me talking about big corporations or Republicans or something ... seriously that bad) at GW. These people are still playing ... WHY??? WHY would someone subject themselves to that kind of torture?

Its really sad and I wish I could start a global foundation to rehabilitate the fallen 40K and WHFB fans who continue to play despite unending hatred and uncontrollable bouts of ranting about how many pie plates the new guard codex allows. I would rehabilitate them by forcing them to pick flowers in the park, take long walks along a peaceful river while discussing how shitty episode one is. Ah if only ... but that won't happen so all of these people are out there seething about games ... you know this is a good time for me to challenge anyone who is still reading to go visit this link and maybe even this link (check page 31).

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