Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dawn of War II

Ok so I finally broke down and bought Dawn of War II.  I really enjoyed Dawn of War and all of the expansions except the last one.  Ok so I  installed it ... Steam is super shitty by the way. That was my impression on install. You have to log in online in order to play their games ... wtf is with that? WHAT if you don't have an internet connection? What if you don't ever want to play online? Well with steam apparently that isn't an option. Anyway ... so I install the game it runs ok after jumping through the lame hoops necessary to get the game going. I'm enjoying it last night, running through the campaign ... calming down about how lame steam is and generally thinking ok this was a good purchase. Well today I try to play the game, password won't work ... huh? Ok go through the lame 20 minute reset the password exercise ... sigh .. argh ... angry ... berserker rage coming on.  Counting to ten, meditating, calming down. Ok ... 45 minutes later Steam's ultra lame ... designed by insane, drunken chimpanzees, interface navigation aside the password seems to be at least partially reset.  Now I am having "connectivity" issues with Steam ... oh everything else on the PC works just fine. For years I navigated the Blizzard pain in the butt just fine ... the PC connected just fine ... no issues with my firewall downloading endless patches from Blizz, etc. Why now will Steam not connect to my PC. I'm beginning to suspect because I disabled Internet Explorer on my PC. Anyway if I wasn't such a hardcore GW fan I wouldn't be bothering with trying to run this game. I really liked the Dawn of War series but I'm going to write my emails to GW to Steam and to Microsoft. This is ridiculous ... will the emails help ... no ... will it be cathartic ... hopefully.(PS that isn't my keyboard ... it might be though if this keeps up ... lol).

Ok ... several hours later ... I have this figured out. I had to unplug my router ... plug the damn PC into the modem directly to confirm that the game doesn't like my router. Once I figured that out ... then I had to follow some BS steps that probably have permanently bent my PC over to other problems. But hey .. what they hell ... its worth it. I get to rumble around and smash things with Space Marines and Dreadnoughts :)

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