Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nazi Zombies and Werewolves ... being whipped by hot Aryan chicks and shot at by Power Armor clad GIs!! HOLY SMOKES!

This game has been floating around out there around the edges of my attention for awhile ... I really hope these guys find a way to get their game out in a big way. I would so very love to play in a setting like this. Stuff like AT-43 is junk ... cool minis ... really lame background.  This is awesome, its dark, its that cool Wolfenstein-esq, Gear Krieg ... type feel to it. They have hot Nazi chicks ... they have zombies ... power armor clad US GIs ... werewolves ... mad scientists ... mechs ... what the hell is not to like??

Anyway check it out and keep your fingers crossed.


Alexander Man said...

I´ve also been following the Incursion stuff growing up... It looks very cool. And you don´t have to buy legions of minis to play :)

And good luck with your 40K Green Horde... That´s a large project.

jugger grimlord said...

you can download the rules from their website.......
I also have been looking into the game. The mini's are only ok.