Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Using Dungeon World for Hackmaster ... hmmm

So I've been tinkering with the idea of using Dungeon World to run a Hackmaster game.  I know it is a crazy thing on so many levels.  A) Hackmaster equates to campy fun trope laden hack and slash ... in general and B) the rulesets are epic distances apart one is light and quick the other is intentional tongue and cheek too dense with insane amounts of extra stuff squished in ... all in the name of fun, nostalgia and hilarity (I believe Hackmaster was the Original Old School Revolution Game ... just my opinion).
Anway I don't even know how I'd start honestly.  I just have such fond memories of Hackmaster but no illusions that I'd probably ever get to play in or run a game of it ... EVER.  I just don't have the time to run it and I don't know anyone who is in the local gaming community who would have the time, interest and/or ability to pull it off the way I'd want to play.  So.  There you have it. 
My only thoughts are extracting some key elements and classic character classes from Hackmaster and then using the Hacklopedia of beasts to populate the game.  Requiring the PCs to "go to school" in order to level up, using in game coupons, etc.  Just little elements from the game. 
Who knows though, I think my first hack of DW is going to be a feudal Japan game so if I ever did this project it would probably be sometime next summer ... maybe.

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Blue in VT said...

hahaha...I love this idea! the spoof Dungeon Masters guide picture made me laugh out loud at my desk...gotta go...boss is watching!