Friday, January 24, 2014

My only big minis project for 2014!!

I am starting a new Oldhammer-ish army that I hope to get done by the fall of 2014. (I'm thinking for use in 5th and/or 6th edition WHFB games).  I have endless small side projects I'd like to get done but those come and go and some make it and many end up in my garage game stuff attic (only to be wonderfully "re-discovered" years later like that lot in the picture).

For said project, which I am hoping to turn that bit o' stuff up there int a really big very versatile army.  I'd like to use it mainly for 6th edition WHFB but I'm also hoping to have enough flexibility to use it for maybe Kings of War (proxies for another army) and who knows maybe 9th ed. WHFB (if it is good).  leftover from some acquisition off of ebay of a mixed WHFB lot about five or so years back (or more).  There is something like 20 rider-less pterodactyl models, two stegadons without the crew (but the howdah is there and all the other bits) and a couple of temple guard and of course the newer style slaan.

So on that note I am looking for some alternative lizardmen and after combing the internet (its really difficult even with a big brush) I have found not a hell of a lot. Oh yes some individual figs from Reaper, some blood bowl stuff that might be converted, things from companies like Privateer Press and whatnot. Overall though compared to some of the other ranges I am sad that there isn't a bit more out there.

I'm hoping to have this wrapped up by fall of 2014 ... including acquiring, assembling and painting the army AS WELL AS getting a decent amount of jungle and lizardmen terrain done up to go along with it all.


FourEyedMonster said...

Good luck on getting them done! ^^

The Lord of Excess said...

Its going to be a hell of a project for me. Its been years since I've painted much at all (2010 since I painted my 200+ strong space ork army). Just a few figures here and there.

Life has gotten in the way of my hobbies! It is time to fight back!!