Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 recap and plans for 2014

So 2013 went by so fast, barely any time to get anything done with gaming that I had hoped to.  For me I just have way to much busy stuff going on in my life like endless school, work, family stuff, etc. etc.  and that always just gets in the way of my best plans for gaming!!

Well that is life eh?

At any rate I think 2013 was a decent year for gaming all in all, I managed to turn a corner with RPGs in our group and we have been enjoying a fun Dungeon World game that is verging on being our longest running game ever at 25 or so sessions with a solid shot at cracking the 50 session mark (maybe).   We have as a gaming group decided that big company gaming is behind us and almost all of us have sworn off Games Workshop current releases, 5th, 6th and 7th edition 40K (yes I hear a 7th ed will be out in 2014 ... who knows though).  At any rate my sell off has netted several thousand dollars so far, some of which was used to get more gaming stuff, I'm in on Bones II for example and have been acquiring cheap minis in large lots here and there where I can find them (mostly new minis from miniature market during their black Friday sale, as well as some of their mantic blowout stuff, etc.).

Towards the end of 2013 we embraced Song of Blades and Heroes and are looking to stuff like Alpha Strike as a potential game (as well Dropzone Commander).  20 MM Bolt Action is still something that will get fired up again and we have board games, etc. to keep gaming sessions filled with fun stuff.  On that note I have yet to bust out my two copies of Ogre and that is on the agenda for Jan/Feb-ish

For me my main ambition this year is to continue selling off my unused 40K stuff and focus on getting my Bones I minis out and painted for use with Song.  Also I have many terrain projects I'd like to fire up as well get back into casting terrain.  For song I'm working on getting bones and old mage knight figs done up for a quick and dirty undead warband ...

I'm going to be working on a Dungeonworld Feudal Japan hack and I plan to run that at my annual summer micro-con LARRYCON.  Speaking of LARRYCON it is in its fifth year! So we need to do up T-Shirts and whatnot this year for it, I have a feeling we'll be doing more mini gaming related stuff this year.

Beyond that we want to do some old west 28 MM skirmish this summer and probably some old west/weird west RPGing.  Also we have Deadzone to look forward to as well as a plunge into Alpha Strike with old MechWarrior clicky figures.

I have a ton of AT-43 apes that I am trying to figure out what to do with ... probably use them for Alpha Simian's in Deadzone (likely use the Marauder rules but I'm not sure yet) and I might see about utilizing them for a 4th edition 40K army project of some kind.


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