Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Lizardmen project continues ...

So I have received more stuff from eBay for the Lizardmen project.  I have a few more lots with offers/bids on them right now so we'll see. 
What is in the picture there is 32 skink archers (the older models, which I happen to really like) along with  50 of the newer style saurus models (with shields and hand weapons) as well as a older style pewter stegadon and a pewter carnosaur. 
My hope is I can use some of the old saurus models mixed in with the new ones.  I really do like the new models though, they are pretty nice.  Again I have no real plan for color scheme, etc. just yet.  I'm sort of hoping to acquire more of the army still and then sort of see what I have to go with.
Given that this army might well see multiple versions of the rules.  Certainly we are going to be doing some 6th ed. games, but also who knows how 9th will turn out.  If all the rumors are true and they take the game back to a lower model count style, quicker playing game then it might draw me in.
So I'd like to end up with at least 2-3 units of saurus with hand weapons, then 2-3 with spears (so I could optionally run one big unit of either or both).  I haven't even looked into what the skink can take, nor have I started really working much on the rares and specials or characters.  I do have an old style slann mage priest still coming in the mail from the UK, which I am probably going to look into magnetizing so he can be mounted on an old stegadon or on a platform on his own within a unit, or even maybe on one of the newer stegadons, etc.
So I am in the very early stages of the project still.  I am poking around on the internet still for terrain ideas, etc.   

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