Friday, January 24, 2014

Honestly I've participated with the OSR stuff with RPGs and in my experience sadly elitism in some regard dominates much of that community (at least in places online, and in my experience in many local gaming communities).  Scorched earth version wars have left a bloody, divided landscape when it comes to the lands of D&D.  For years now the Pathfinder loyalists have disparaged the 3.5 only guys who laugh at the 4e fans, and from their craggy towers of old the OSR guys turn their noses up at everyone else.  Lets not even talk about the "indie" RPG fan, who know Vincent Baker personally ... ugh.  Why so much hate?  Its as bad as Apple vs. Android or Star Wars vs. Star Trek.

I guess we just like to point fingers at and feeling superior to "NOT LIKE US!!" Perhaps this is indeed just the human condition, hard wired into our lizard brain somewhere. 

The tragedy in this all though is the bottom line is we do this for fun.  So why don't we gamers rally around the commonality rather than the really insignificant difference?
So to turn the conversation to Oldhammer ...
Let me ask this; if people want to use current range models blended in with classic lead is that ok?  If a poor fella or a young kid just starting out in mini gaming wanders into the enclosures of Oldhammer ... and they don't have a vast collection of classic lead or the money to acquire it ... shall they be turned away?

The answer to that question, from what I'm seeing is ... NO THEY SHALL NOT!

The Oldhammer community seems very open, friendly and accepting of various versions, preferences, ideas and beliefs.  I see next to no elitism or "this is the BEST" sure people have opinions and preferences but I do not see any lines in the sand being drawn.  I don't see anyone defining Oldhammer as 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle ... ONLY.  I see a lot of flexibility.  I see people using brand new GW stuff, heck I see blogs out there where people are playing 6th ed 40K avidly as well as 6th ed WHFB. 

I really like what I see so far and hope that this is the direction Oldhammer continues to move forever.  It would be a true renaissance for mini gaming if that ends up being the case.

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