Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rediscoverying Old Glory

I'm sure many of you know about Old Glory and the plethora of figures they carry (and manufacture) ... but I've recently been looking for some odd figures here and there and found several from Old Glory that I'm going to pick up. I know that there are hundreds of other mini manufacturers and retailers with as good (and better in many cases) a selection ... but I'd forgotten about Old Glory. I was talking to a local friend about getting back into historical stuff at some point next year and we were discussing ranges and Old Glory came up. Anyway here is there site ... they have stuff from Ancients to Fantasy to Historical to Pulp and everything in between. They also have a club you can join for $50.00 which gives you 40% off their product for a year (and not like you couldn't go in on orders with a friend to two).

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