Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ogres and Orks ... Oh My!

Ogres and Orks are on their way! Finally ... finally ... I'm returning to the promised land of miniature gaming.  I was very spoiled in the past and had an amazing group to play mini games with ... so when I moved away and was faced with the prospect of store gaming only I just couldn't do it. So for the past year I've been working very hard to find mini game players locally who to be very blunt are non-tool-jerk types. I have assembled a brave band of six players with several more on the way who are going to be embarking upon the path towards miniature gaming righteousness and excellence together! Starting in June we will be playing 40K exclusively through the summer and Warhammer Fantasy and Blood Bowl in the fall (give the group a few months to digest the new 8th Ed rules due out in July). Sometime in the darkness of winter we plan to embark upon Historical gaming .. and then run "seasons" from that point thereafter where we as a group focus on a game for 3 to 4 months. While we'd all be free to play whatever games we prefer on the side as a group we'd focus on one system for larger campaign play ... house leagues and possible competitive play. From past experience I'm hoping to avoid "flavor of the month" syndrome and maximize our fun and enjoyment and maintain freshness and interest rotate the stock so to speak.  We are working on a plan to form a 40k team ... where we will work together to improve our lists and play so when we show up to a tournament we don't get auto-pwn'd and we plan the same thing with WHFB eventually. We are planning some team terrain projects, etc. like a couple custom blood bowl pitches, a Hirst Arts space hulk table and some more fantasy terrain.

Anyway this means I need to get off my duff and finish up my Orks for 40K which are completely done except for 2 Nobs and a squad of Shoota Boyz. I do have a speed freak army on the bench as well that I'd like to try to finish up sometime this summer to add more options to my foot slog Goff list. As for WHFB I have a fair sized ogre army that I fully assembled several years ago ... but never painted ... now that I'm going to have a chance to play some fantasy again I'm going to dust them off and paint them up.

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