Monday, May 10, 2010

Dust Tactics Miniature boardgame ... ? Tactical Minis Skirmish or just another board game??

"30 soldiers, 4 robots and 2 heroes" Some interesting stuff ... I'd like to see the models up close. From what little I've seen the minis are in the 25 to 28 MM range. Some really cool pulp -- Weird War II type figures. The backstory for the boardgame/"Dust" universe is pretty cool. Definitely worth keeping an eye on! This advertisement references Gencon 2011?? I won't be going this year but I will be at 2011 Gencon. That's pretty far out though ... I also have seen some other pictures ... like this one.

Its pretty disappointing that apparently they are just going to be using the AT-43 rules ... which in my personal opinion aren't that good. I bought the boxed set of that game and played a dozen games or so of it ... and really didn't enjoy it. I didn't like the card based rules, etc. For a sci-fi game of that scale I much prefer the 40K rules to the AT-43 stuff. That said if the minis are as cool as they are looking ... I for sure might be enticed into buying them for pulp RGPing and/or for house 40K armies, etc.

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Magilla Gurilla said...

Thanks for the write up!

My buddy and I were actually looking for a board style game to go along with our 40K - I am glad we didn't get this one.