Friday, May 28, 2010


Ok everyone this is something many of you might have heard me talking about ... LARRYCON (Memorial Day weekend - May 28-31st )! This idea came up when I left Las Vegas ... my former game group members expressed an interest in doing a road trip up once a year or so for a mini-con style gaming event. Naturally we just named it LARRYCON as it would be taking place at my house ... and the event is as much a chance for me to game with the old crew as anything. But the concept of the event is really to do ... right here in our area ... what I get to experience when I trek down to Strategicon in Los Angeles at LAX on Labor Day weekend and Presidents Day weekend. Really what I do at that con is play wall to wall games ... the past several years primarily RPGs ... but the con has board games and mini games going. It is really a cool opportunity to play games with total strangers, to see how other GMs and players from other areas run their games. Its a good excuse to do an obscene amount of gaming in a single weekend.

Breakdown on the time slots:

Friday evening -- Probably board games or an impromptu session of some RPG. If there are only 4-6 people there, I can easily throw out a quick T&T session or with a lil' grog in me we could do a Baron Munchausen game.

Saturday 9 AM to 12 (lunch) ... 1 to 4 (all one time slot) Awesome Adventures. It is a fate based system that is very easy to learn and play. The adventure is called The Eternal Nazi and is set in the pulp era, run by Scott. Possibly a Star Wars game run by James ... if he is still available to run it ... otherwise it will just be the one game of Awesome Adventures.

Saturday evening -- 6ish
Tunnels and Trolls or Do you worship Cthulhu (similar mechanic to Werewolf/Mafia for those who are familiar with those games) ... (designed to accommodate big groups of up to 20 players) with Action Castle being run for the players who are eliminated from the other game. Additionally we'll have open tables for mini gaming and board games, etc.

Sunday 9 AM to 12 (lunch) ... 1 to 4 (all one time slot) -- DANGER PATROL! an action/adventure retro sci-fi game. The idea is to create the episodes of a 50s-style TV show in the vein of the old Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers serials (with maybe a dash of the Venture Bros., Star Wars, and Indiana Jones). ! Run by Rustin.

Sunday 6 PM: 4e D&D adventure that I wrote for levels 1-4. It is set in the Forgotten Realms. Scott welcomes anyone to bring their favorite PC in the level range to the game.

In essence we have five slots to fill ... my hope is we can do at least two sessions on a few of the slots. But that means we'll need 2 to 4 more people to attend than we have confirmed at this point.

So far my friend from Las Vegas who is a very, very competent and experienced DM (and thrives on running games as much or more than playing in them) would like to run 3 games and since he is flying in from Las Vegas letting him do that is my priority. I will also say for us local players here it should be a treat as Scott will really be prepared and has a huge amount of con/one shot style GMing experience. If need be I will run Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd ... again IF ... we need it ... I could also run a Necessary Evil/Savage Supers game ... again if we need it. I'm hoping that others out there would like to take a turn at running a game or two. At this point I believe we have a lot more games that are lined up than we have players for ... so I'll keep my stuff available in the event we need a 3rd session in a game ... which could happen if everyone in the gaming group showed up. Our best case attendance is about 18 people (requiring 3 separate games at once) ... our worst case would be 6. So chime in on when you think you can be there and if there is anything you'd like to run ... leme know and we can try to pencil it in.

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Sad Im missing it- have fun!