Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gabriel Knight Titan by Dragons Den for sale

I'll be dropping this on ebay sometime in the next week or two. They are exceedingly rare ... I lucked out when I got mine a few years ago. A friend found two for sale in a Denver area hobby shop and we snatched em up. Its unassembled and in original mint condition. This picture was taken off the web ... I was too lazy to take one ... as I said its going on ebay next week ... I'm going to start the price out at 400 and do a buy it now of 500. Again to to my knowledge these are ultra rare ... yes they aren't anywhere near as common as the armorcast ones. As for forgeworld ... yes ... they are cool ... but hundreds of parts to assemble and they are over 500 bucks plus shipping from the UK. Then you deal with the very fiddly quality of some of their casts ... which usually can be fixed but take the know how. This thing ... its like 6 pieces that are easy to put together and your done. Prime it and paint it and bada bing. Again this is in base resin state, unassembled., unprimed, unpainted If someone wanted to save me the hassle of ebay, etc. etc. I'd probably let it go for 400 which would include shipping anywhere in the lower 48. The reason I'm selling it is I NEVER play Apocalypse games and likely won't anytime soon. If I do end up getting into Apocalypse size games it would be with my Orks and/or Nids anyway. I had visions of converting this one into a chaos titan ... but meh ... not going to happen. So I might as well get rid of it and convert the resource into something I'll actually use. As for size ... another reason I plundered that picture ... is it gives good scale. To my knowledge the armorcast warhound weapons would fit pretty easily this guy (obviously with some tweaking/converting). Its a little larger than the warhounds (both forgeworld and armorcast) and really could almost be viably used as a warlord (by comparison to the Armorcast Warlord ... I think it is a fair bit smaller than the forgeworld Warlord though). Anyway it goes on ebay probably sometime between Thursday and Sunday.

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