Sunday, November 1, 2009

Update on the Orks!

Ok phase one is done ... the pics aren't horrible ... but the Orks actually do look better than the pictures are turning out. I think the flash gives them an odd look. Anyway ... part one of a 3 part project done. In addition keep in mind I do need to still do some minor touch ups. 

1 AOBR Warboss
3 - 30 Shoota Boy strong squads, with a Nob with powerclaw and 3 big shootas. The paint scheme is basically the same, and each unit has a different uniform color. I went with a mustard color, a redish, and black. The colors somewhat approximate clan colors ... however I wasn't going for Evil Suns, Bad Moons, etc. something somewhat generic with each squad different to make combats smooth on the tabletop. 

Very simple paint scheme. I used the minwax dip method for two reasons. First and foremost to get my painting done on a big project somewhat quickly. Secondly I wanted a gritty, dirty look. I have never envisioned orks as the rainbow bright 2nd edition orks. I don't like clean, super bright orks ... its kinda lame IMO. I like gritty, oily, grimy orks ... as they would be per the fluff. They are constantly looting things, digging around on the battlefield looking for something worth taking. When in battle they love to be up close and ripping their enemies appart in hand to hand. Those things tend to dirty one's uniform :) Thus my iteration of what orks should look like. Again .. not Golden Demon quality ... but I'm pleased with the results. Considering when I'm done I should have somewhere around 250 infantry models ... I really needed something easy to repeat that wasn't insanely time consuming. I do have to finish up the bases ... but I'm waiting on some dead grass flock ... and I'm going to be doing a display board ... so I was going to wait until that is done to give the bases their final drybrush and static grass flock (so it matches the board exactly).


BJ said...

I think they look pretty darn good!

Alexander Man said...

That´s a lot of orks... look good too. Great job man..!

Pacific said...

They look great! Like you say, they are very 'fashionable' orks, the lowdown, grimy and dirty orks which are described in the background :)

Looking forward to seeing some more, and perhaps some more close up pics! Would you recommend the dips you used? Do you think they saved you much time overall?


The Lord of Excess said...

I do think that the dip method does cut my painting time in half (at least) ... though I have to admit that it cuts down the quality of the paint job in half too ... lol. But you know ... with an army like Orks ... I'm sorry but I have a wife, kids, a life ... lol. I just don't have the several hundred hours of spare painting time I'd need to get this project done. I'm a slow painter though ... for my higher quality painting that is. What I'm doing is as follows: Obvious stuff: Assemble/Cleanup, Flock Bases, Prime, Block out the colors. In this case it involved two steps for the skin, Orkhide base, and Gnarlock Green for highlight, all metal chain mail, uniform color, all leather painted scorched brown. Dot the eyes red, bleached bone for the teeth, perhaps some gold or chain mail for the earings. Dip ... clean up where needed. Done.