Monday, November 9, 2009

Phase II of the Ork Project

Well I got quite a bit done over the weekend. I finished painting a squad of choppa slugga boyz another warboss and 2 trucks. I'll get some pics of the boyz up later but for right now here are the trucks. To go over the technique ... I used just a random can of metalic spraypaint over a black prime, I did some slight detail painting, blocked the fields red, did touch ups and did a wash as heavy as a full submersion with minwax ebony. I wiped off really bad pooling but pretty much left it as it looked. Again remember my two goals with this project are: painting speed and ease, and a dirty, grimy, gritty look that I feel orks would have. They aren't electric neon clown color orks of yore. Nothing wrong with that by the way ... I actually might go for an old school look when I do my WHFB orks next year .... I am just going for a certain look here (again with speed and ease in mind). As for vehicles in this project at the end of the project I'd like to have 5 trucks, 2 battlewagons and 20 bikes along with 10 copters or so. That way I can field a speed freaks/mechanized ork list or a big foot heavy list (or both for a big game). But the mecha part of this project is actually part II as I won't likely get to that until December.  So here are pics of the trucks ... please bare in mind my camera work sucks (as does my camera) ... and again I think it might be the dip, matte varnish method ... it just doesn't come out well in pictures ... both the orks and the trucks look better in person in terms of depth and detail.


Alexander Man said...

The Trukks look great! You have a massive project going on... 10 koptas too :o
And I´m worrying about how will I ever get my dreadnought painted... :D

Bodlar said...

I am always amazed at your capacity for modelling! The pics look weird because you have the light in front of you and the shadow makes it look weird. Put the light behind you and it will help. If you put the same effort into your painting that you do your moding you would have a GT army hands down. I know you aren't really after that so it's all good man. Keep the updates coming. OOOOORKSSSS!!! WAAAAAAAGHHHH!

The Lord of Excess said...

I actually aspire to that. I need alot of practice though and that is why I'm starting with the Orks. You can do an amateurish paint job and still have the Orks look cool and be very in line with their back story. So I'm starting there ... then I'll be moving on to Nids ... finish my fantasy ogres and then guard. My hope is to be doing Eldar to a very high standard by next Fall ... and to get my painting where my modeling is. Really I'd like to move out of the GW range and do some historical stuff and even large scale models. I still aspire to learn to sculpt and cast ... but that is for another day ... right now working on regaining the painting skills that I have lost and hopefully exceeding those and finding new heights!