Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update on the Orks and Tanksgiving!!

Well to give a quick update on the Orks, I just finished dipping 10 Nobs and 30 Boyz ... bringing the post dip total up to 170 Orks! I'll matte coat those tomorrow and try to get the last 30 and Ghaz done up this weekend. So hopefully I have pics of the completion of phase one of the project early next week. I'll try to post some picks of the new squads tomorrow or Saturday as well.

As for my trials and tribulations with Warhammer Online ... I am still very casually playing. I have been playing maybe 3 or so hours a week. My Ork Choppa is nearly lvl 20 and I'm excited to see how the game plays once you have a mount. Overall I'm still having fun but I've experienced the game enough to see why millions of WoW players didn't make the switch. The world is really amazing the game itself has some really cool MMO innovations, I like how PVP is a fun part of the entire game, but the PVE options in the game (Instances) are really lacking. Many of the cool features that were awesome when the game first launched (and had reasonable player population) are now almost useless, things like Public Quests. The concept is awesome, you can be playing solo ... out rumbling around a zone and enter a public quest area and A) grind up influence so you can get some cool rewards B) earn experience C) Have a shot at a drop from the boss at the end of the quest. Its really an awesome idea, however ... when there are ZERO players in the zone your in ... public quests designed for 10 players are not an option. So what people end up doing is just grinding up the influence for the reward and to work towards achievements I assume. Its fine ... but I'm missing alot of the content due to low player population. At this point I've agreed to simply stay playing until I hit 20 or my card runs out and then decide if I want to keep going. As a GW fanboy I'd like to say I finished the game ... but honestly I don't know if I want to spend the time doing so. We'll see.

Last and not least I'm in the process of setting up the agenda for family board game day ... otherwise known as Thanksgiving ... or Tanksgiving (if your a GW fan ... waka waka). This year I am leaning towards a game called Shadows over Camelot (if you haven't played it ... either buy it and get a group together or find someone who owns it ... its a blast) ... I own the expansion for it but I think I'm going to leave that out as I haven't played it yet and I hear its brutal.  I'm going to have Space Hulk set up as well and I'm going to run my nieces through a few games of it. If we have time I think I might try to get people to do a game of Arkham Horror as well ... that is a bit more iffy.

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