Friday, April 9, 2010

The Force Unleashed (and Part II)

Ok ... we'll I've been playing The Force Unleashed again this week ... I guess I've been in a Star Wars mood with the upcoming Saga Edition game we have slated to start this coming weekend. Playing it again has made me ask several questions of the entire Star Wars universe. I guess the first time I played it I just played it ... and didn't really dwell on the storyline. First ... some of you out there might not like this ... but I really like this story line. Yes there are a few "huh" moments in the game. Ok and right here I'm going to say this is an old title ... so no "spoiler" alter or anything ... if people wanted to play it they should have by now. Ok back to the "huh" ... there are many minor ones as with any Lucas product ... but that's ok ... I've never had an issue with that. The only major "huh" moments for me were the pulling down of a star destroyer, the star destroyers in the atmosphere of Kashyyyk at the begining of the game ... and then the shear power that Starkiller has. Personally I can overlook all that ... and happily so ... because this story is a good one and the game was FUN. Was it the best ever ... was every level so awesome I attained enlightenment ... no and no ... but for Lucas Arts I'd say this is towards the top (again just IMO here).

 Beyond the game though to me Star Wars, Raiders, etc. has ALWAYS been about a fun romp ... 1930s serial style ... pulpy action (if not literally like with Raiders ... the overall fun adventure) to keep you on the edge of your seat with campy humor on the side to keep the audience laughing and having a good time. I have no idea what happened with episodes I, II, and III ... I won't waste space here on that ... but this game to me is really a return to the fun. Is it as good as the episode IV, V, VI storyline stuff ... lets not even go there ... so subjective and this is a video game vs. classic films ... your opinion there is as good as mine.

My point here is I just really enjoyed this story and to me it brought things together  in a nice way to tie Episode III in with Episode IV ... it did all that and enhanced the Star Wars universe. I guess after the debacle that episodes I-III represent maybe its just that I'm happy to see anything decent come out in the Star Wars universe that doesn't abjectly suck. Anyway I enjoyed playing this game through for the second time and really seriously am looking forward to the second installment ... actually so much so I bought the trade paperback ... that I though was also well done. 

As for the next installment ... I'm wondering how Starkiller is somehow alive again ... prequel? If what I've read online is true ... it might even be a "what if" (Infinities expansion content) plot that never takes place in the cannon universe. I wish the game could possibly look as good as the trailer ... good god ... why can't they just make that a full length film? That was some awesome shit!

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