Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ok folks I'm hosting the first Annual LARRYCON which is basically a gathering of gamers I know from my old home town of Las Vegas ... way up here in Northern Utah. We are going to be running a CON-Style gaming weekend from my home ... some might say such an endeavor would be lame ... others might say ... your crazy man ... but I'm super stoked about it. Its looking like we should have around 20 to 30 participants over the course of the weekend.

Here is whats on the agenda so far ....

My friends fly in from Vegas early Friday afternoon and I'll pick them up at the airport ... then we'll make our way to the grocery story and likely liquor store and probably be back to my place around 3 PM that afternoon (Friday May 28th) at which point I'll give them 30 minutes or so to get their gear stowed away and then we'll probably fire up a board game or something. So if people would like to show up as early as 3:00 to 3:30 that afternoon we'll have a meet and greet BS session/casual board game session.

Around 6 I'd like to fire up the grill and do some grilling and get a little pot-luck style dinner going ... anyone is welcome to show up ... at least bring some soda and/or chips, etc. with you but if you have a specialty dish you'd like to share with the group let me know and I'll put it on the menu.  I'll be providing some pasta salad, potato salad, chips and salsa, hamburgers and hot dogs and soda. You guys are responsible for your own adult beverages ... beer ... margaritas ... whatever one wants to bring themselves. 

I will outline a rough schedule of events here, what I'm looking for at this point is to get feedback from people on who can attend and what sessions you will be attending. My friend Scott has been running very successful, popular games at game conventions and Las Vegas area gamesdays for several years now. He will be running several different games that I guarantee will be some of the best RPGing you've ever had and well worth any RPG fans time. In addition to that I'm hoping to get some of the local talent up here to run a few games if they'd like so anyone out there who is interested in running a game let me know and lets get you on the agenda. Also if someone wants to bring a board game or a miniature game or something that would be cool as well. The main thing I would ask is whatever someone wanted to run could be done within one of the time slots which will be from 9 AM to 5 or 6 PM (just depending on the game) or from 7 PM to whenever (again depending on the game) on Saturday or Sunday. I'm blocking Friday evening out for mainly one big group activity. Also at this point what I'm listing for Scott is tentative ... he actually might try to run a FATE based game or two instead ... just depends.
Friday May 28th:
That evening we'll be playing:

Do You Worship Cthulhu? - DYWC is a Lovecraftian take on the classic child's game of Mafia. You play a resident of a small town where murderous worshippers of the Old Ones have set up shop. One by one they slay your comrades driving you into a hysterical state of paranoia. Each morning someone is murdered and each night, the townsfolk lynch one of their own in a effort to find the killer. I have written some social roles for the game in an effort to bring some role-playing elements and to eliminate the stalling that can happen when there is no clear suspect to accuse.

In addition James will be running ACTION CASTLE for folks when they inevitably die off as Cthulhu progresses. I'll leave discription of Action Castle to James ... in a nutshell its a pen and paper homage to old school text based M.U.D style games. Zork is frequently the reference used to explain roughly what the game is about. From what I've heard its hilarious fun. It will give the dead from Cthulhu something to do in the afterlife :)

After these games end we can either do a round 2 of them if there is interest or we can do BANG! or Shadows over Camelot.

Saturday  May 29th:

Saturday morning Scott is going to be running a game of 4E and I'm hoping to get our resident Star Wars GM James to come over and run a game of Star Wars for my other two Vegas compadres (Robin and Jason) and anyone from up here who would like to try out the coolness which is Saga system. Scott is just about the best 4E DM I think you'll ever get a chance to play for so I'm really hoping that the current 4E crew will get a chance to experience his game. It will be brutal and fun and hopefully enlightening in terms of just what one can actually do with 4E. I'm excited to get a chance to play. James is a real Star Wars aficionado with a wealth of background information on the Star Wars universe that he brings to his game and the Saga System is really clean and cool its something in between 3.5 and 4E and thus far I've very much enjoyed playing. So hopefully folks out there who would like to test the system out can have a chance to do so.

Saturday night Scott is going to be running an old school classic game Tunnels and Trolls which has been around since 1975. It really captures that old school original D&D feel with some surprisingly indie game-esq mechanics. The first time I played it immediatly became one of my all time favorite RPGs ... I'd still rank it in the top 10 best RPG systems I've personally ever played. 

Anyway here is Scott's blurb on his game: 

Tunnels and Trolls: The Dungeon of Excess - This is old-school meat grinder gaming at it's best. T&T is a simple system with great open-ended mechanics. The Dungeon of Excess awaits any who want to plumb the unfathomable depths. Can you survive the dreaded Ball Lightning?

If  we have the numbers and there is someone who'd like to run something else there is room for a second slot here of something. However Scott's game will be able to accommodate up to maybe as many 8 to 10 players ... as its a big free for all style adventure. Also T&T handles large groups better than most RPGs due to an extremely sleek combat system. Anyway if anyone out there would like to run something in this time slot just chime in and I'll get it on the agenda. 

Sunday May 30th:
9 AM to 5 to 6ish (with a break for lunch)

I believe that a friend from the SLC area Rustin is planning on running something Sunday morning and the Vegas crew and myself will likely partake in that ... but if there is interest there is room here for a second slot of something as well so if you'd like to run something just chime in and I'll get it on the agenda. 

7 PM to whenever .... 

Savage Worlds: The Incident at Station 11 - The Federation lost contact with the scientists at Station 11 on the planet Gareth several months ago. Your crew was sent to check things out and find out what happened and if everything is okay. It probably isn't okay. In fact, what happened there probably can't be imagined in your worst nightmares. 


Dungeonmum said...

wow. what an incredible undertaking. sounds brilliant!

jugger grimlord said...

Damn.....wish I could attend. Will be in LA for my daughters second 1st birthday party. Have fun :)

jugger grimlord said...

on a side note, I have made lots more progess w/ my Flesh Tearers (despite numerous distractions) and actually have a playable (if smallish) force. I will post pictures soon.

The Lord of Excess said...

Rick we are planning a get together in Pioche in July (Jason has a family compound up there ... several houses with A/C, fridges, beds, etc. all set up nicely). Scott and Jason and potentially Rob, BJ, Will, etc. are making the trek up. Would be a Friday and Saturday night thing. If we could get enough people with 40K stuff we could get some of that going ... as it stands we are planning a mini-RPG campaign. Maybe the new Deathwatch system.

The Lord of Excess said...

Anyway if your interested let me know and I'll get you the info. Would be a super cheap weekend o' wall to wall gaming.

jugger grimlord said...

sweeeeet....I will check w/ the whiff to see if I can break free for a couple days of gaming/hiking excitement. thanks for letting me know.