Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flames of War 3rd Ed rolling out ...

Yes this is old news FoW fans have known this since late last summer and there were official announcements late last fall. I just wanted to post this because A) anyone with the main 2nd ed rulbook don't forget you can get a free copy of the mini rulebook! B) I plan to go get mine next week and C) For me ... I just have to say I find it hard to believe ... it seems like 2nd wasn't out long but it was ... time flies I guess (also then again I took a long hiatus from FoW so that is a big part of it for me).  Having pulled out my FoW collection I'm pretty happy I have a pretty huge amount of stuff still ... gigantic amount of Germans, a moderate amount of Russians and Americans.

Out of the gate I'm going with an American armored rifle company ... but I'm going to quickly try to follow up with a large foot slogging German or Russian force (just depending on what I have ... I'm leaning Russians but I'll have to price out what I'd need to add to the force, etc.).

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