Thursday, January 19, 2012

1st edition D&D reprint?!?! AWESOME!!

Apparently WoTC is reprinting (in a limited edition, which will hopefully not be too difficult to get but ... don't know about that ... fingers crossed!) 1st ed Dungeon Masters Guide, Players Handbook and Monster Manual all in one monster 35 buck edition.  From the sounds of it available only at your local store in "limited" quantities.  Meaning ... 1 per store so they go on ebay for 100 bucks each ... or hopefully many per local store but for a limited printing or something.  I think the edition reprint is friggin AWESOME but the "limited" nature of it might be an issue.  Time will tell.

I'm really hoping this isn't a ploy on WoTCs part to toss shop owners a bone by giving them something that is in artificially scarce quantities to make a fat profit on ebay with in order to keep them happy ... at least a little ... until 5th ed drops.

Beyond  that this bodes well for the new edition ... if they are doing something like this, perhaps, just perhaps they are actually going to have some old school elements in the new version.  If I can buy this locally at $35.00 I will happily do so.
When I posted this WoTC just had the first book up.  Later that day they had all 3 of the books up, 3 books times 35.00 per book.  If the funds go to the Gygax memorial it is cool and I can't complain about the cost.  But for me ... I have the original printings of these books ... it would be really a waste of limited gaming funds to go out and buy them.  For others it will probably be an awesome deal ... for anyone who doesn't own the books already ... this seems like a great deal actually! 


Scott said...

Not in one edition. Each volume is priced separately if you click the links in the WotC post. Over $100 dollars for the content of a game that is sold very cheap n eBay. It is also recreated better by the likes of Castles and Crusades and Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game than it was in the original. These gave me a slight boner when announced and I do like getting something for my donations, but I'd rather just give the money straight tot he memorial. Really, my biggest barrier is knowing how large of a role Arneson played and not having it acknowledged in the slightest. Hail Gygax and all, but Hail Arneson, St. Andre, Jackson, and the others that helped the hobby to grow.

The Lord of Excess said...

Ah I thought it was a mega edition for $35.00 if it is three separate volumes at 35.00 hell with that ... I'd rather just make a 100 donation to the Gygax memorial directly and save trees. I have all these books anyway, I have 1st ed DMG, PHB and MM as well as some other stuff so it would be redundant to buy it again if it isn't a single big book. Your right as far as buying something else, I have T&T, C&C ... at any rate it sounds like there is going to potentially be an artificially scarce supply of these anyway so they are likely to be going on ebay rather than store shelves and at a premium price this material simply isn't worth it. My theory is this is as much a bone to retailers who are going to be able to mark this stuff up for pure profit and it is a PR move on WoTCs part to appease the angry old timers.