Thursday, January 19, 2012

Atomic Robo RPG Coming soon!

Atomic Robo is a comic book series depicting
the adventures of the eponymous character,
created by 8-Bit Theater writer Brian Clevinger and artist Scott Wegener.
Via game designer Mike Olson's blog The Spirt of the  BLANK  I've heard about an exciting project he is working on for the FATE system ... ATOMIC ROBO THE RPG!!

A decent interview with Mike about the project over at the
Paper & Plastic blog.  I've been acquainted with Mike for years now via the Strategicon/Gamex events ... I've played in several of his games and consider him a friend.  For those who don't know Mike was an assistant designer on the Legends of Anglerre and the main designer on The Kerberos Club FATE adaptation as well as the supplemental material for Anglerre.  Mike is also an amazing FATE GM ... over the years I've been very fortunate at Gamex/Orccon/Strategicon to be able to play in some of his hilariously fun one off games.

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