Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Alright first of all anyone planning on taking a similar plunge ... I'd advise you look to a source like The Warstore as the retail price of the new WHFRP set is 99.00 United States Dollars. You can pick it up at the warstore for around 70.00 United States Backs of Green as of the authoring of this blog entry.
As stated in previous entries here ... I am torn about the revision of the WHFRP system. (for a very detailed review check this out ... thank you for the link Scott!)  The 2nd edition of the game was based in no small part on the classic 1st edition of the game which was in publication in one form or another from 1986 until around 2002 or 2003 (ish). It had a tremendously long run. In 2005 Second edition was published by Black Library directly and the game preserved much of the first edition mechanics. The game continued to be one of high player mortality, dark, dark old world fantasy that any true lover of the Warhammer universe craves.

Fantasy  Flight if they do nothing else well ... seems to be adept at adapting licensed products in a satisfying manner. Over the past five years I've gone from being a naysayer to a fan. I know that capitalism demands all that is good and pure must be periodically recast in a shiny new package ... especially in the RPG industry where the average lethargic, basement dwelling, be-gutted denizen ... spends a whopping ZERO dollars a year on their hobby.  Don't take my word for it ... RPGs are a dog in general in terms of game company profit but its neither here nor there if your interested in that topic delve into it yourself and on that note there is another blog post which really delves into that issue (along with massive numbers of other similar posts, board discussions, etc.). Suffice it to say that I believe this is potentially a new RPG model, is it the first attempt to break the mold on the old pen and paper RPG .. hell no ... I think 1977 had witnessed dozens of attempts. Everything from MTG to Dragon Dice to Video Game RPGs and MMOs can be seen as offshoots, but this is a board game/RPG hybrid being produced by one of the more successful board game manufacturers in the US market. Not just that ... but using one of the more successful gaming brands with decades of history and a legion of very loyal fans. At this point all I'm saying is perhaps this hearkens more either good things or bad things to come.  I must however ... check this stuff out for myself and therefore I ordered my copy and shall be DMing a game of it myself in the very near future. I will do my best to chronicle my assuredly haphazard, certainly half-assed ... foray into the world of board-role-play-games. I hope I receive my wondrous package before this weekend. One can only hope the UPS fairy is kind ... (ah yes she is also bringing me Invasion, Chaos in the Old World, Marauder and ... way behind the times here ... Battlestar Galatica the FFG board game ... which I have yet to play ... tisk tisk ... so 2008 .. I know).


Bodlar said...

I like the new theme of a hot chick in every post. I've got a package for her ;-P

Great lord of excess your consumption continues to know no bounds. Keep us posted on the game.

The Lord of Excess said...

I think I'm going to struggle to keep up the pace with the hot chicks ... imagine when I talk about "Settlers of Catan" ... "Jesus why aren't there any half naked women holding sheep and wood ..." ..."Oh there we go" ... ya maybe it won't be so rough after all :D