Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Return of the King ... AKA ... THE LORD OF EXCESS

FREEDOM ... from the tyranny of the all consuming holiday season!

Yet such freedom comes with a heavy price ... the ravages of xmas have ended ... the feasting has subsumed. The hearkening of a new year, rather a new decade has come and gone and what order there was is returning to my world. As the illustration aptly denotes ... I am the true master of all that I survey, lord of my manor, etc. etc. and as such I have complete control over all that stands before me ... indeed :)

Well the reality of the matter is as all kings and tyrants before me, the power of the purse strings as well as those pesky heirs to the throne seem to thwart me at every step. If only I had more funds in the warchest, and if only those heirs would mind their manners.

TYRANIDS!! They loom upon the horizon and my Orks are still on the bench (well phase II). Speaking of which!! I have a new camera (its nothing fancy ... as low quality as its predecessor) on the way and once it arrives pictures shall be uploaded of the orks, including the beginnings of phase II. I'm also going to desperately try to finish off some terrain before the bugs arrive. My camera will simply not work I thought it was the batteries, nope ... then maybe the flash card ... nope ... apparently its just done (either that or one of the kids dunked it in the potty while I wasn't looking). We luckily had several relatives over on xmas morning to capture the carnage on film. 

Anyway back to the bugs ... I have something on the order of 5k bugs sitting in a box, 6 carnies included. The new Trigon model is a must have ... I want 2 .... (really I'd love 10, *see purse strings comment above) ... I think I'll also pick up one of the new biovore models as well as 2 regular tyrant guards and 2 of the new shooty variants. Maybe a venomthrope or two and the death leaper ... other than that though I'm pretty solid on my endless swarm. I have a separate genestealer army that my wife has actually been working on with me that I'm also hoping to have in a playable state in the next month or two so I can take advantage of the new codex and the wave of excitement :)


Bodlar said...

Can't wait to see more pics of the Orks!

Will said...

There indeed seems to be a huge amount of anticipation over the new bugs codex. I hope this means I will be playing a game soon dammit :(