Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bolt Action and Song of Blade and Heroes Build up and some eBay housecleaning (Nids go bye bye)

My Tyranids go bye bye.  A long time they have sat unused ... so it is high time to set them free and use the funds elsewhere!
So its been a week since my 4th of july micro con and I've had a busy time since then working on models, dusting things off and getting stuff up on ebay. 

I am working on a 1/72 scale German force for use with the bolt action rules.  Our group is looking for some light company level style gaming set in World War II.  I was initially going to be focused on Brits and Americans but a few players in our group have sort of been a little too busy (or just lazy) lately and we need more Axis so I'm going to switch gears and get a standard German force rolling.


I'm shooting for 3 half-tracks, a few medium and heavy mortar teams, some medium machine gun teams and a couple full reinforced platoons (mostly rifles with a few SMGs mixed in).

The next project I am working on is a continued buildup towards a full on Song of Blades and Heroes campaign.  I'm focused on getting some larger forces put together so I can have several players run "the bad guys" on mini game night so they get used to the mechanics of the game. 

So I'll have 25 orcs, 25 goblins, 25 kobolds, 20 zombies/ghouls/flesh golem to start with.  Vs. about 20 humans, 40 dwarves, etc.  Obviously all those models won't see the table at once but if 4 players decide they want to try the orcs or undead or dwarves all at once, I could accommodate the game.  Later as we scale the game up and start playing 500 point games having that many models to draw from will be a benefit I think.  I can also handle climatic big end campaign battles/wars/etc.

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Will said...

I'm amazed at the progress on your Bones so far- I've done very little apart from sorting. I have to work on unloading my nids as well. Looking forward to some Bolt Action!