Monday, July 22, 2013

1/72 Bolt Action!

First I have to say that Bolt Action is a really amazing game.  Having been a little late to the party with the system I know this has probably been said 10 million times now out on the net but in my experience it is true.
For a historical wargame the mechanics are clean and easy yet provide that fun wargame crunch that some of us who entered the hobby through gateways like Warhammer 40k or Warhammer Fantasy or Warmachine tend to appreciate.  I would say the game is far less robust in terms of stats for various pieces of artillery, tanks, etc. etc. when compared to say Flames of War.  But in my group we found that refreshing.  We have been playing this game as a company level skirmish game generally on 4 x 4 table setups.  We are still all in the "test"/honeymoon phase with the game still though with less than 10 games each under our belts.
What we like about it is how quickly the game plays first and foremost, but also how intuitive it seems to be to us.  Which is not a big surprise given it is a game designed by Rick Priestley and Alessio Cavatore ... the game to us feels sort of like Warhammer 40k meets WWII.  Which in our group we like. 
Still just in the primed stage but given that I just got the models on Friday
that is a good pace for me.  My hope is to have them done within a week
or two (just depending on how teaching/family stuff goes).
I started out working on British Paratroopers and Americans but as a few of our Axis players got a case of the summer "busy" for some reason I had to switch gears and focus on getting a basic German force together and painted.  Once my Germans are completely painted I'll go back to the Brits and Americans and get them rolling as well. 
My hope is to be able to have a few "house" forces for people to use for campaign play even if they aren't motivated enough to get their own forces painted up.  Sadly these days with the extra 20 hours of facebook/youtube/college humor/mindless media that people are consuming the one thing that seems to get cut from the time budget is getting one's minis painted :(  I have myself been afflicted by this in times past but honestly this year I have worked really hard to cut down my internet time waste.   Which that alone is paying big dividends for gaming in terms of getting terrain and mini painting projects rolling.  My garage-game room has never been as organized and I am still moving on getting it even more efficient.

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