Friday, February 3, 2012

Warmachine Colossals ... sigh ... Privateer-Apocalypse??

These models look cool ... for me though years and years ago when I was hardcore into Warmachine (pre-hordes days ... way back) our gaming group all saw the "escalation" of the game coming.  We loved the early days of boxed set vs. boxed set true skirmish.  Some of the most fun I've had with gaming was the few years of early Warmachine.  I love Privateer Press and their products, etc. but I just don't like the inevitable GW style need to sell more models by slowly ramping the size of armies up and up and up.  The warma-hordes rules are good but I hated them at high point levels ... just like GW's rules kinda break at lower levels I always felt warmachine at least (and the core mechanics are still the same so I don't see how it would be different now) broke when you got to multiple casters and more than 20 figures per side.

The games just took too long, too much combo ... too much ... too much.  So I agree with the previous comments here is apocalypse-clone time for this game.  Cool models, I could see picking them up perhaps even ... to use with other games.  But as was stated ... if the battle engines are 80 how much are these going to run? 100 ... 150 ... :(   People joke but one of the big things I began to hate about 40K was that the 4x6 table is just sort of stupidly small for big games.  Its fine if your in a store or playing "floorhammer" or whatever but if your in your own house/garage and you have enough room for a single table.  Tossing out baneblades and titans on a 4x6 is just dumb.

I've come to appreciate 15MM or smaller for really large scale battles, for 25 MM or larger I prefer to stick with true skirmish.  Squad level with one or two vehicles.  The size of the battlefield seems to fit the games in a more satisfying way I find if I stick to those paramaters.


Mik said...

You and I are in the same boat with WM. "Back in the day" me and my buddies had one starter box each, and we had so much fun duking it out time and time again.

I got into Mercs shortly thereafter, which were cool too, but soon the infantry started coming in, lots of infantry, lots of solos, too much stuff and what made the game fun, jacks and casters, became less prominent.

I gotta say though, just on models alone, the Colossals look pretty awesome.

By the way, thanks for your 1000 posts comment, Blogger somehow deleted it.

Mike Howell said...

I am in agreement about the size escalation, but the game can certainly be played the way you have enjoyed it even now. We play 15 pt games on lunch at work, and they take about an hour. You don't get the large game synergies that are clearly built into some of the models, but having lots of different list options keeps it interesting and unpredictable. You can field 3 models or 10 at that size.