Friday, February 3, 2012

Steam Sale on SPACE MARINE!!

I have made a vow to avoid video games if I can this year and so far I'm pretty much sticking to that.  But II did see something flying around the net about a sale on steam for the Space Marine game (and all the Warhammer 40K games, Dawn of War, etc. etc.).  So for those of you who don't own the game it is on sale on Steam through Sunday, Feb 5th ... for the reasonably price of $17.00.  The game was around $50.00 at launch and for a 40K video game its been well reviewed and is a good, gory ole' arcade style shoot-em-up romp with the Ultramarines vs. the Orks!

Nothing that is going to alter your world view, nor is this an earth shaking new title ... it is solidly done though and I have enjoyed it.  At 50 bucks I would have felt that for the amount of content the price was kinda steep but at 17 bucks this game is very much well worth it.

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