Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fantasy Flight is getting BIG!

Fantasy Flight is really going to town these days ...

They are now moving into publishing with three novels related to their games.  Tracy Hickman is penning stuff for them.  They picked up the Star Wars license.  They continue to pump out the GW titles and all their own in house stuff (tons and tons of new titles).  They seem to be everywhere doing everything.  I'm still so surprised that they have the GW license they now seem so directly in competition with GW.  I guess if they are both making money what the hell eh?  But they seem poised to really become the dominant force in tabletop gaming (I think one could make a strong argument that they already are).


Jimmy said...

Woah, looks good! Mind telling me if this is as fun as it looks?

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The Lord of Excess said...

From what I've seen and heard ... indeed it is as bad ass as it looks!! I have this on my fall "buy" list for sure!! But what I'm really looking forward to is the mini game and the RPG. I've heard that the mini game will be a 28 MM game and some rumors are flying that the dust tactics/warfare model is going to be used. Whether the rules will be identical or not who knows .. but it sounds like they aren't going collectible with any of the star wars stuff other than the living cardgame format which is just a semi-collectible style game (i.e, no buying random boosters). All that is way early rumors based on a friend of a friend of a friend kinda info ... so its not a guaranteed piece of information. Things could change. But based on FFGs whole lineup it seems really plausible.