Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Captains ...

Ok first I don't really consider myself a trekkie but I have to say since they've put all the Trek stuff up on Netflix streaming I've been revisiting the Trek stuff which I really haven't seen for years.  I've watched all of Enterprise (which I'd never seen before at all), a good portion of the original show and I'm about half way through the Next Generation stuff.  Campy, corny, and to be honestly mostly delightfully entertaining in a warm and geeky way.  I've been drawn back to Trek this summer a bit (thanks to Netflix and the JJ Abrams film). Anyway in the continuation of this recent bender ... I watched William Shatner's Documentary this evening The Captains.

"You recognize that William Shatner may be a fool, but he's our fool."     UGO review of the film.

I can't agree more with that quote.  Come on we all know ole Bill Shatner over the top and all the way ... but god damnit ... it just works doesn't it?  Sure the film is largely about Shatner but what else would we expect?  The film really delves into what many of the actors went through to play the part and what its meant for them professionally and personally.  Beyond that if your curious check it out ... its free at the Epix website ( You just have to sign up for a free trial account.  Epix itself seems lackluster but its one of the only places you can see The Captains on the internet for free (in a non-shady way anyway).

Anyway if you have any positive views on any of the Trek series ... watch it ... you'll enjoy it.  If you hate Trek with a passion and hate William Shatner (how could anyone?) skip it.  I very much enjoyed the film for what it was ... thanks again Bill :)

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