Monday, June 20, 2011

More on GW pricing, etc.

I also agree with this post ... though I think some of the statements about the flexibility that local retailers have in terms of their pricing on GW products.   Its a long video but the guy gives a pretty detailed  explanation of where GW has been and where he feels they are going.  Its general, but its accurate.  The first 20 minutes gives a good summary of the situation.

I only really disagree with a little of what he says about how local retailers can reduce their margins easily on GW stuff. I know for a fact that at least here in the US in some markets, GW has gone after local retailers for discounting GW product.  Yes those retailers depending on where they are getting it can simply tell GW to stuff it ... many times they just cave and stick to MSRP and maybe do selective 10% discounts.   Other than that, though this guy is spot on ... this is the same thing I've been ranting about for years.  GW wants you to ultimately only be able to buy their product from THEM.  Is that evil? Is that bad?  I don't know ... but I think at least in my part of the world ... its bad for the hobby.  Maybe its just my selective attention on this topic, but it seems to me that there is more discussion on the internetz on this particular price increase and the switch to resin than there has been about GW for a long time.  Most of its in a negative light.  But maybe the "no publicity is bad publicity" adage holds true ... time will tell I guess.

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