Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Montsegur 1244

I'm going to try to pick it up and run it sometime this fall/winter ... its very esoteric and most assuredly not for everyone.  I like the mechanics of the game though and if you have a group of good roleplayers the game can lead to some very deep RP ... the one session of the game I played in was really amazing. But this is a game of emotion and relationships ... gritty combats are unlikely (though the mechanics would allow for scenes to be framed with gritty combat if one so desired) ...

Here is some interesting background information on the history of the Cathars and Montsegur

Montsegur 1244  and more on the Cathars and a cool BBC radio program on it:

Historic Prelude

In 1199 A.D., Pope Innocent III declares that a good Christian no longer needs go to The Holy Land to go straight to Heaven. Heathens can be found a lot closer to home. In Northern Europe kings compete on bringing Christianity to the Baltic region. In southern France a long and bloody war against the Cathars begins.

Skull The Catholic Church has been in a weak position for a long time. A new religious doctrine has been spreading and threatens the Church. Maybe the bishops have been too busy with their intrigues in Rome. Maybe they have been tax collecting a bit too zealously. The message of a simple life, following the example of Jesus, wins sympathy and listeners. Told directly in people’s homes by abstinent, humble men and women.

In 1208, an army of crusaders attack. The main force consists of Normans. The first town, Bezier, refuses to surrender their minority of Cathars to the crusaders. When the town finally falls, there is no mercy. The order is: “Kill them all, the Lord will recognize His own.”

More towns fall in the following years. But after a while, acts of war die out. The Count of Toulouse, a defender of the Cathars until now, gives in to the pope and promises to fight the heresy. An uneasy peace spreads.

In 1234, the papal inquisition is formed to help uncover heretics and to prevent vigilantism and lynching. But the efficient and brutal conduct of the inquisition is not to everyone’s liking.

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